Get Started!

Get Started!

Here is a sample letter to share with teachers, schools, youth groups, and friends to get them involved

Hey there!

We have just launched a worldwide initiative called “You’ve got MY whole world in YOUR hands”.  It’s a youth based program meant to amplify their voices before world leaders convene in Paris (COP21) from November 30 – December 12 to discuss a global climate treaty.  Our youth should be at the center of this conversation as it is their future that will be most impacted.  Through this initiative, we can all help to amplify their silenced voice!!!

The idea is simple.  Using social media, we are going to send a strong message to political leaders around the globe that today’s youth is counting on them for real action in Paris.

Here is what I hope for from you!!!

  1. Have everyone take fun pictures of themselves with artistic or simple signs to share with the project.  They should say “You’ve got MY whole world in YOUR hands”  Take pictures around town/school/at home (inside and out), as individuals and groups.  
  2. Post images to their instagram accounts (this is preferred!) using the hashtag #myworldyourhands and  also please follow the instagram site
  3. You can also post these images on the FB event page and like the general FB page
  4. Please look at the website where it’s all tied together.  But, you can’t post there….
  5. Share with friends/students/family to be part of a global movement to protect their future

We appreciate the willingness of all (especially youth) to step up to this and very intentionally are taking steps to ensure privacy, especially for those under the age of 18…. we won’t plan on posting names on our website.

Here is the big part of the ask…… I would REALLY love to have this done ASAP…..which ideally means no later than Friday, November 20th.  But, if it has to be later, later is better than never 😉  This can be as simple or as complex as it makes sense for the school community.  If you just want to ask students to make basic signs, like seen here with Baby Otto and the Danish children, that is GREAT!  Or, you can go bigger, and get lots of kids involved. 

Let me know if you are interested, have any questions, or want any help!

I would be THRILLED to have your support!

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