Add Your Name

Add Your Name

Please add your name to the voices around the world who are asking world leaders to protect your future.

Dear World Leaders,

As you assemble in Paris at COP21, from November 30–December 11, 2015, to discuss climate change, we, the future generations, demand that you take real, bold action.

With 2015 on course to be the warmest year in recorded history and major climate catastrophes happening in every part of this great Earth, we cannot afford to continue down our current path. Our hope for future generations to be left with a sustainable planet is up to you.

In other words, OUR whole world is in YOUR hands.

At a time when today’s youth should be at the center of every conversation around climate change and environmental justice, society has us marginalized. I’m adding my voice to the loudest chant in history demanding that the decisions made in Paris at the COP21 protect our future.

As we stand before you, our hands raised in the air, our signs demanding that you listen, please know we recognize that you have the power to decide what our future will look like. Together, we are calling on world leaders to protect those most vulnerable to the risk of climate disruption. We are calling on you to create a better future, a more just future for all.

OUR whole world is in YOUR hands.

Please protect it!

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